Support for New Boxes and Actual Dimensions

There have been a number of improvements to BoxCycle since our launch about a month ago. Today we are happy to annouce the first major enhancement in functionality: support for different box conditions and actual sizes.

Box Condition
We’ve added two new conditions to go along with ‘Used’: ‘Inspected’ and ‘New’. New boxes were never used. Inspected boxes are verified by the seller to be in excellent/near-new condition.

Although all boxes sold on BoxCycle must meet minimum quality standards and most are likely to be in great condition, these new options give certainty to buyers who require higher quality boxes and are willing to pay a modest premium for them. These boxes are still significantly cheaper than other comparable options.

Sellers receive nearly all of the premium paid by the buyer. This significantly increases seller’s profit and makes BoxCycle a great option for a wider variety of sellers including box manufacturers and resellers of used boxes who have higher quality inventory.

Ability to specify box condition is currently limited to sellers who list 100+ boxes/month or 200+ boxes at one time.

Box Sizing
Used boxes can have a variety of sizes within each box type. We’ve added the ability for sellers to specify the actual size of their boxes and/or indicate that a group of boxes all has the same size.

Some buyers prefer to have all boxes they buy be the same size because they stack nicer and require less storage/truck space. Some buyers also require specific box sizes for their shipping or moving needs.

Same-size and specific-size boxes are charged a slightly higher price with nearly all of the premium going directly to the seller.

Ability to specify box sizes is currently limited to sellers who list 100+ boxes/month or 200+ boxes at one time.

Additional Information
Additional information about these new options can be found in Condition and Sizes of Used Boxes and the Seller FAQ, both accessible from the Help section.

Boxes with these special features will be highlighted in search results. Buyers can get additional details about the specific boxes by clicking on the box name.

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