Express List Makes It Easy for Resellers to Sell on BoxCycle

BoxCycle makes it easy for businesses to get rid of their unneeded cardboard in a profitable and environmentally friendly way.  It’s designed for busy people who know nothing about the used box business. But it’s also a perfect sales channel for those heavily involved in the box business: resellers of used and overstock boxes, box manufacturers, discount sellers of moving boxes, and more. ... read more

Used Cardboard Boxes Delivery Is Here!

Another major piece of BoxCycle functionality – Delivery Support – is now in place.  Box sellers can offer buyers the option of having their boxes delivered. More Reach for Sellers Your listing will appear in all search results within your delivery area.  For example, if a buyer searches for sellers within 5 miles and you are 20 miles away, but deliver to the buyer’s location,... read more