Lots of New Features

Those of you who care to look at the little version number at the bottom of BoxCycle probably noticed that we’ve been making frequent updates recently. As we gain more experience with buyers and sellers we incorporate this new knowledge into BoxCycle.  Most changes are fairly minor.  However,  we’ve also added some cool new features.  Some of these deserve a more fuller treatment, but for now... read more

Finally, You Can Edit Box Properties Yourself

  As you know from previous posts we’ve added a number of custom box properties to allow you, the seller, to more accurately describe and price your boxes.  However, you had to contact us to make the changes for you; we didn’t have an interface to let users access these properties directly.  Until now.   The Inventory tab in My Account has been changed significantly to allow displaying multiple boxes of... read more

I Want Boxes Now…Or In 15 Minutes

  Some of you may have noticed our recent changes to the appointment system during ordering. Along with two appointment choices we now also have a drop-down box for each choice where you can specify the number of hours you can honor the appointment. This allows buyers to specify ranges of time such as 12pm-4pm instead of just specific times. The seller can then select the specific time in the range if... read more