Finally, You Can Edit Box Properties Yourself


As you know from previous posts we’ve added a number of custom box properties to allow you, the seller, to more accurately describe and price your boxes.  However, you had to contact us to make the changes for you; we didn’t have an interface to let users access these properties directly.  Until now.


The Inventory tab in My Account has been changed significantly to allow displaying multiple boxes of the same type.  An Edit screen has been added to allow you to specify a variety of box properties including condition, dimensions, plain, and broken down.  The edit screen also makes it easy to see the buyer price, your profit, and how various box properties affect them both.  Finally, if you are unhappy with price or profit produced automatically you can simply specify your own price for the box.


I am quite excited to have this feature released so we don’t have to hide functionality from users.  This step has been holding up development for some time.  It is difficult to allow editing all these advanced options in an intuitive way while still keeping the site easy to use for those who don’t care.  While I am happy with the solution, I have no doubt we’ll need to make a number of further changes to fine-tune it based on your feedback.


As a result of this feature we’ve expanded access to custom properties from large sellers to everyone. 


Since boxes have to be added individually, the process can be quite laborious for large sellers with dozens or hundreds of different boxes.  Ultimately, our goal is provide a number of ways for automated loading and management of inventory.  For the time being, if the work of loading the inventory stops you from listing all your boxes, simply email us the details and we’ll do it for you.  If you already have your inventory in some exported file, that will work as well.


I hope you enjoy the new functionality and look forward to hearing your feedback.


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