Reduced Prices on Smaller Moving Boxes

To better match the current market and encourage sales BoxCycle has reduced default prices on a few box types as follows: Extra Small Moving Box – From $0.75 to $0.50 Small Moving Box – From $1.00 to $0.75 Box 14-17″ – From $0.60 to $0.50 Box 18-23″ – From $0.90 to $0.75 This change does not force sellers to reduce their profit.  This change reduces our commission on... read more

Nationwide Shipping of Moving Boxes

We are happy to announce that we now support Shipping along with recently introduced Local Delivery. While Local Delivery is typically performed by the sellers themselves, Shipping is typically done by a 3rd party commercial carrier such as UPS or FedEx. Shipping makes boxes available to buyers anywhere in the continental U.S. As you’ve probably guessed, sellers who offer shipping are designated by... read more

Express List Makes It Easy for Resellers to Sell on BoxCycle

BoxCycle makes it easy for businesses to get rid of their unneeded cardboard in a profitable and environmentally friendly way.  It’s designed for busy people who know nothing about the used box business. But it’s also a perfect sales channel for those heavily involved in the box business: resellers of used and overstock boxes, box manufacturers, discount sellers of moving boxes, and more. ... read more