Corrugated Sheets and Pads

BoxCycle now supports selling Corrugated Sheets and Pads. These are used to stiffen envelopes, separate and protect layers on pallets, as well as for a variety of craft projects. Usually, they are sheets of corrugated cardboard though some are made of other materials. We’ve had requests to sell these for a while, but it’s taken a bit of time since they are more difficult to add than regular... read more

Dynamic Default Minimum Order

Since launch we had a very small minimum order of $2. We wanted to make sure that anyone could make their boxes available for reuse. If someone wanted to go through the effort with small quantities, we did not want to stay in their way. And this isn’t changing – our minimum order remains $2. But we’ve changed our default minimum order to $10. Most sellers stick with defaults and many... read more

Cash on Pickup Expanded Beta

We are expanding our beta of Cash on Pickup feature from a small group of sellers to all sellers that have at least one successful transaction and decide to accept Cash on Pickup. Cash on Pickup allows buyers to pay for their order at their pickup appointment. Sellers should review the tradeoffs and caveats in our original Cash on Pickup post to decide if this feature is for them. Sellers must have... read more

Keep a Balance and Minimize Payout Fees

BoxCycle sellers receive automatic payouts after their account balance exceeds a threshold (currently $25). Sellers can request smaller payouts at any time with a small fee. Today’s release adds a Keep Minimum Payout Balance option. If you select it, automated payouts will leave a balance of $25 in your account instead of paying the entire amount. This means that an automated payment will not occur... read more

Delivery Appointment Windows and Improved Anonymous Connect

Our Box Delivery feature has been improved to support delivery appointment windows.  Appointment windows allow confirming a delivery for a range of time, like 2-4pm, instead of a specific time.  This removes a significant limitation for professional sellers with complex delivery routes and gives all sellers more flexibility. Delivery Appointment Windows Each seller can set their preferred delivery window... read more