Box Kit Support Is Here!

Kits are way to sell multiple items as one item.  For example, many companies sell moving boxes in kits with each kit designed for a specific size move.  This makes it easier for buyers who aren’t sure how many boxes they need; if they are moving one bedroom, they just pick the 1 Bedroom Moving Kit.  It works well for companies too since they can prepackage the kits to optimize storage, pickups, and... read more

Cheap Shipping Boxes – Used and New

Many people think of BoxCycle primarily in the context of moving boxes, but it is also designed to help people sell and find cheap shipping boxes.  For example, you can now find a decent variety of new and used shipping boxes in Los Angeles.  And if shipping boxes you need aren’t available in your area yet you can create Boxes Wanted listings, which are designed to help large sellers find buyers... read more

Used Boxes Wanted – Cheap Boxes on Regular Basis

BoxCycle launched with the focus of helping businesses and individuals with more or less regular supply of used boxes to connect with people who need boxes on occasion.  A typical example would be a retail store with boxes and a person looking for moving boxes. There is a related, but very different scenario that is quite common.  To our knowledge it is also completely unserved: businesses with regular... read more