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Months of Frustration or How BoxCycle Got a Speed Boost

The last few months have been pretty exciting for BoxCycle. We are seeing more visits, more listings, and more orders and we are refining the process to help us keep up and provide the best possible experience for buyers and sellers. Unfortunately, the last few months have also been maddening. Just as traffic improved, website performance became slow and unreliable. We tried a number of things to improve... read more

Cool New BoxCycle Shirts and Mugs

We’ve expanded the BoxCycle Gifts and Apparel Store with 3 great new designs plus a number of new products including organic shirts and a full selection of drinkware.  And we still have a great selection of apparel made specifically for women and children. Here are the new designs: read more

Adjustments to Auto-Confirm

Summary: Sellers who want to enable Auto-Confirm now need to be authorized by BoxCycle.   To get authorized please call us so we can make sure your situation is appropriate for Auto-Confirm.  Some of the sellers who had Auto-Confirm enabled will now find it disabled and will need to request authorization. —– Auto-Confirm allows sellers to bypass the confirmation step of the BoxCycle Order... read more

Help Boxes Live Longer and Change the World

I truly believe BoxCycle can change the world. It can make a significant environmental impact. That’s why I am doing it. Most people only come in contact with boxes when moving and don’t grasp the volume of boxes discarded each day.  Nearly every store, office, warehouse, and school receives and discards loads of boxes daily.  Many discard more in day than individuals will use in a lifetime of... read more

Cheap Shipping Boxes – Used and New

Many people think of BoxCycle primarily in the context of moving boxes, but it is also designed to help people sell and find cheap shipping boxes.  For example, you can now find a decent variety of new and used shipping boxes in Los Angeles.  And if shipping boxes you need aren’t available in your area yet you can create Boxes Wanted listings, which are designed to help large sellers find buyers... read more