Help Boxes Live Longer and Change the World

I truly believe BoxCycle can change the world. It can make a significant environmental impact. That’s why I am doing it.

Most people only come in contact with boxes when moving and don’t grasp the volume of boxes discarded each day.  Nearly every store, office, warehouse, and school receives and discards loads of boxes daily.  Many discard more in day than individuals will use in a lifetime of moving.   That is a large amount of environmental waste.  It’s also a missed opportunity to reduce costs and help the community.  Many organizations spend money getting rid of their boxes when they could actually turn a profit, help their neighbors, and help the environment.  It’s a win for everyone.

But most of them recycle, so what’s the big deal, right?  Some do recycle, but recycling only reduces impact by a little bit.  Local reuse eliminates impact.  Recycling isn’t a great option, it’s just a better option than throwing cardboard away.

I am quite excited about the release of our Help Boxes page.  The focus of this page is to make it easier for people to help BoxCycle grow.  It has suggestions on how to help, graphics you can use to link to us, social networking info, and more.  The success of BoxCycle, and the size of it’s environmental impact, is largely dependent on the size of the seller network we can build and the general public awareness we can raise.   I know there are lots of passionate people out there who’d love to help – this page is the first step in making helping easy.

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