Delivery Appointment Windows and Improved Anonymous Connect

Our Box Delivery feature has been improved to support delivery appointment windows.  Appointment windows allow confirming a delivery for a range of time, like 2-4pm, instead of a specific time.  This removes a significant limitation for professional sellers with complex delivery routes and gives all sellers more flexibility. Delivery Appointment Windows Each seller can set their preferred delivery window... read more

Pickup Service Expands Box Delivery Options

A while ago we added the ability for sellers to deliver orders to buyers.  Delivery helps buyers who don’t have a vehicle, are too busy to pickup, or are located further from a seller than they are willing to drive. In the Bay Area and in Boston, we’ve now added a Pickup Service option which allows buyers to get delivery from most sellers in the area, even those who don’t explicitly... read more

Nationwide Shipping of Moving Boxes

We are happy to announce that we now support Shipping along with recently introduced Local Delivery. While Local Delivery is typically performed by the sellers themselves, Shipping is typically done by a 3rd party commercial carrier such as UPS or FedEx. Shipping makes boxes available to buyers anywhere in the continental U.S. As you’ve probably guessed, sellers who offer shipping are designated by... read more

Used Cardboard Boxes Delivery Is Here!

Another major piece of BoxCycle functionality – Delivery Support – is now in place.  Box sellers can offer buyers the option of having their boxes delivered. More Reach for Sellers Your listing will appear in all search results within your delivery area.  For example, if a buyer searches for sellers within 5 miles and you are 20 miles away, but deliver to the buyer’s location,... read more