Rails Plugin Updates, SVN, and Piston 2.0.2 on Windows

I haven’t done a programming related blog entry until this one.  Why?  First, I want to keep this blog focused on BoxCycle and environmental issues.  Second, I haven’t had much time, as is evident from lack of posts on environmental issues.  Finally, I haven’t run into much that I couldn’t find an answer to with a few searches and I am not fond of duplicating effort just to get a... read more

Pictures of Used Boxes Help Buyers and Sellers

Having pictures of boxes has been the plan since launch.  People tend to have a hard time visualizing box sizes from types and dimensions alone.  They need a point of reference – how big is the box compared to a person or a common object?  We’ve had mistakes made by both buyers and sellers because of incorrect assumptions about box sizes. Hopefully, no more.  I am happy to say that the first... read more

New Screencasts Show How to Buy and Sell Boxes

We’ve added videos to the BoxCycle front page to help potential buyers and sellers understand the service.  Videos go through the purchase and selling process so customers can see how everything works in advance.   These screencasts also address common questions and misunderstandings we’ve seen so far. You can also find and share these videos through the BoxCycle YouTube channel.  We used the... read more