New Screencasts Show How to Buy and Sell Boxes

We’ve added videos to the BoxCycle front page to help potential buyers and sellers understand the service.  Videos go through the purchase and selling process so customers can see how everything works in advance.   These screencasts also address common questions and misunderstandings we’ve seen so far.

You can also find and share these videos through the BoxCycle YouTube channel.  We used the new ScreenToaster service to create them.

To the best of my knowledge, there isn’t anything like BoxCycle out there for either buyers or sellers.  Even outside of the world of used boxes, the model we are using is rare, in part because it is quite time intensive for the business.  However, we get lumped with existing models.  This isn’t surprising or particularly bad, but it does cause confusion. 

I hope that these screencasts, along with other steps we are taking, will help people understand BoxCycle better.

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