Custom Notes and Pictures

BoxCycle supports a number of properties that sellers can use to describe their boxes, but sometimes there is important information that doesn’t quite fit. This happens most often with listings targeted at professional, commercial buyers. Some examples are bulk transport boxes and pallets, large volume of same-size boxes, and boxes that don’t quite fit into our box types. To help sellers... read more

Cash on Pickup Payment Option Enters Beta Testing

Background We frequently get requests to settle transactions in cash at meeting. Some buyers don’t have credit cards, some feel uncomfortable submitting payment details when they haven’t seen the goods, some are just used to paying at physical meeting. Collecting payment at order time is a crucial component to one of they key problems we are trying to solve: getting people to show up and... read more

Box Strength and Weight Capacity Attributes

We’ve added support for two new box attributes: Test/Strength and Maximum Weight Capacity. Seller listings can now include these details and Wanted Listings can now request that boxes match these attributes. Test is a standard measure of box strength. It also hints at how heavy the box is. It is measured using either Bursting Test (# Test) or Edge Crush Test (ECT). Maximum Weight Capacity indicates... read more

Seller Wanted Listings Expand to Buyers Who Don’t Also Sell

Our recently released Seller Wanted Listings made it easy to buy boxes wholesale on BoxCycle. They also made it possible to sell through BoxCycle without creating a listing and holding inventory, something that was frequently requested by users. Today, we are expanding access to Seller Wanted Listings to buyers who aren’t also selling boxes. Our focus is on buyers who are looking for larger... read more

Custom Buyback Prices and Retail Notifications for Seller Wanted Listings

Last week we released a feature we’ve been working on for a long time: Seller Wanted Listings. Custom Prices We’ve now removed one of the limitations of the first release – lack of ability to set custom buy prices. With today’s update, buyers can specify prices they are willing to pay for boxes they are requesting. Automatic pricing is still available; simply leave the price blank... read more