Distance Ranges for Wanted Listings

Wanted Listings serve a dual function of making public the interest in specific boxes and of alerting potential buyers of new matching seller listings within their area. Potential buyers can now choose from several options between 5 miles and 2000 miles for how far they are willing to travel to get their wanted boxes. Until now, we simply used 25 miles. While this is a reasonable default for most... read more

Seller Wanted Listings Expand to Buyers Who Don’t Also Sell

Our recently released Seller Wanted Listings made it easy to buy boxes wholesale on BoxCycle. They also made it possible to sell through BoxCycle without creating a listing and holding inventory, something that was frequently requested by users. Today, we are expanding access to Seller Wanted Listings to buyers who aren’t also selling boxes. Our focus is on buyers who are looking for larger... read more

Custom Buyback Prices and Retail Notifications for Seller Wanted Listings

Last week we released a feature we’ve been working on for a long time: Seller Wanted Listings. Custom Prices We’ve now removed one of the limitations of the first release – lack of ability to set custom buy prices. With today’s update, buyers can specify prices they are willing to pay for boxes they are requesting. Automatic pricing is still available; simply leave the price blank... read more

Wholesale Buying and Easy Selling of Used Boxes with Seller Wanted Listings

BoxCycle got a significant new piece of functionality today: Seller Wanted Listings. Existing sellers can now request specific boxes they want to buy and anyone can sell matching boxes to them. Seller Wanted Listing Transactions use essentially the same checkout system, order management system, and processing rules as normal Retail Orders with buyer and seller roles reversed. You can find details on the... read more

Boxes Wanted Alerts Become Editable

Boxes Wanted Listings allow buyers to make potential sellers aware of their needs.  They also act as an alert for buyers by automatically notifying them when new boxes matching their criteria are listed near their location. Today’s release makes it easy for buyers to modify their wanted listing if their box needs or contact information changes.  Buyers can also delete their listing if they do not... read more