Distance Ranges for Wanted Listings

Wanted Listings serve a dual function of making public the interest in specific boxes and of alerting potential buyers of new matching seller listings within their area.

Potential buyers can now choose from several options between 5 miles and 2000 miles for how far they are willing to travel to get their wanted boxes.

Until now, we simply used 25 miles. While this is a reasonable default for most situations involving moving boxes, it doesn’t work well for large buyers who may have multiple locations, their own distribution network, etc. and are often interested in boxes hundreds, sometimes thousands, of miles away from the location in their Wanted Listing.

Potential buyers will now be notified of all new matching listings within the distance range they specify.

In addition, Wanted Listings with extended ranges are now shown in searches that cover their area of interest, even if the actual location is outside the search radius. These results appear at the bottom of the page, are designated differently from in-area listings, and do not show up on the map (this is similar to how we show sellers who deliver to the search area, but aren’t located in it.)

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