Dynamic Default Minimum Order

Since launch we had a very small minimum order of $2. We wanted to make sure that anyone could make their boxes available for reuse. If someone wanted to go through the effort with small quantities, we did not want to stay in their way. And this isn’t changing – our minimum order remains $2. But we’ve changed our default minimum order to $10. Most sellers stick with defaults and many... read more

Reduced Prices on Smaller Moving Boxes

To better match the current market and encourage sales BoxCycle has reduced default prices on a few box types as follows: Extra Small Moving Box – From $0.75 to $0.50 Small Moving Box – From $1.00 to $0.75 Box 14-17″ – From $0.60 to $0.50 Box 18-23″ – From $0.90 to $0.75 This change does not force sellers to reduce their profit.  This change reduces our commission on... read more

Seller Performance Ratings

BoxCycle now includes key seller performance metrics in listings shown to buyers. This helps buyers determine (1) how quickly the seller is likely to reply and (2) how reliable the seller is likely to be – key concerns in many situations. The reduced uncertainty for buyers should reward high performing sellers with more orders. Each listing now includes some, or all, of the following details: Total... read more