Box Type Categories for Easier Selling

The Box Type display on the Sell Boxes screen has always bothered me. We have over 50 different box types and this list is constantly growing.  To make listing simpler and less overwhelming we default to showing just the 5 most common box types.   Potential sellers had to click on the View All Box Types link to see the entire list, but there were a several problems. Regardless of how hard I tried to make... read more

Help Boxes Live Longer and Change the World

I truly believe BoxCycle can change the world. It can make a significant environmental impact. That’s why I am doing it. Most people only come in contact with boxes when moving and don’t grasp the volume of boxes discarded each day.  Nearly every store, office, warehouse, and school receives and discards loads of boxes daily.  Many discard more in day than individuals will use in a lifetime of... read more