Anonymous Connect: Direct Contact Between Buyers and Sellers

Managing communication between parties is one of the challenges of creating a low-hassle marketplace.  For sale of low-value items like used boxes to be worthwhile to sellers, transactions need to take a minimal amount of time and aggravation. Direct communication can significantly increase the transaction burden for a number of reasons including: Unnecessary communication as people reconfirm information... read more

Cool New BoxCycle Shirts and Mugs

We’ve expanded the BoxCycle Gifts and Apparel Store with 3 great new designs plus a number of new products including organic shirts and a full selection of drinkware.  And we still have a great selection of apparel made specifically for women and children. Here are the new designs: read more

Notifications by Text Messaging

We now offer notification options by text message along with email, fax, and phone. Text messaging has a number of advantages over email, especially for time-sensitive communication.  Text messages are typically delivered faster than email.  They are also read sooner, since most people carry their cell phones at all times and not everyone has constant access to email.  Finally, they do not suffer from... read more