Notifications by Text Messaging

We now offer notification options by text message along with email, fax, and phone.

Text messaging has a number of advantages over email, especially for time-sensitive communication.  Text messages are typically delivered faster than email.  They are also read sooner, since most people carry their cell phones at all times and not everyone has constant access to email.  Finally, they do not suffer from spam and thus are unlikely to get blocked, delayed, deleted, or moved to a folder where they’ll never be seen.

All this is important in reliably getting order status updates to buyers and giving sellers the tools to respond to orders as quickly as possible.  Text messaging is a great advantage to managing urgent orders reliably.  We strongly advise existing sellers to enable text messaging by logging into their account and clicking on the Mobile checkbox next to their phone number.

Text messages are sent only for urgent events.  Currently just for new orders for sellers and order confirmation/cancellation for buyers.

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