Used Cardboard Boxes Delivery Is Here!

Another major piece of BoxCycle functionality – Delivery Support – is now in place.  Box sellers can offer buyers the option of having their boxes delivered. More Reach for Sellers Your listing will appear in all search results within your delivery area.  For example, if a buyer searches for sellers within 5 miles and you are 20 miles away, but deliver to the buyer’s location,... read more

Cheap Shipping Boxes – Used and New

Many people think of BoxCycle primarily in the context of moving boxes, but it is also designed to help people sell and find cheap shipping boxes.  For example, you can now find a decent variety of new and used shipping boxes in Los Angeles.  And if shipping boxes you need aren’t available in your area yet you can create Boxes Wanted listings, which are designed to help large sellers find buyers... read more

Boxes Wanted Alerts Become Editable

Boxes Wanted Listings allow buyers to make potential sellers aware of their needs.  They also act as an alert for buyers by automatically notifying them when new boxes matching their criteria are listed near their location. Today’s release makes it easy for buyers to modify their wanted listing if their box needs or contact information changes.  Buyers can also delete their listing if they do not... read more

Used Boxes Wanted – Cheap Boxes on Regular Basis

BoxCycle launched with the focus of helping businesses and individuals with more or less regular supply of used boxes to connect with people who need boxes on occasion.  A typical example would be a retail store with boxes and a person looking for moving boxes. There is a related, but very different scenario that is quite common.  To our knowledge it is also completely unserved: businesses with regular... read more

Your Non-Profit Can Raise Money with Used Boxes

We have two ways for schools, churches, and non-profits to do green fundraising with used boxes.  For details check out our press release at . read more