Cheap Shipping Boxes – Used and New

Many people think of BoxCycle primarily in the context of moving boxes, but it is also designed to help people sell and find cheap shipping boxes.  For example, you can now find a decent variety of new and used shipping boxes in Los Angeles.  And if shipping boxes you need aren’t available in your area yet you can create Boxes Wanted listings, which are designed to help large sellers find buyers looking for specific boxes.

It is usually harder to find used shipping boxes than moving boxes.  Smaller shipping boxes are easier to get rid of and aren’t worth as much so most people don’t think much about them before recycling them.  Shipping boxes are needed in larger quantities and specific dimensions are usually much more important than for moving boxes. 

For online merchants and warehouses shipping boxes are the flip side of the box problem.  These businesses get their merchandise in bulk in large boxes, but send it out in small quantities using small boxes.  They end up with lots of moving size boxes they can’t use, but find themselves constantly buying new shipping boxes when used boxes would work just as well.

There actually are plenty of sources for unneeded shipping boxes.  Box manufacturers often have misprinted, overrun, and discontinued boxes by the truckload that they literally throw into the recycling bin.  Companies often buy boxes by the thousands for a specific purpose.  If their idea doesn’t pan out they are stuck with lots of boxes they have no use for.  In both of these examples, boxes are thrown out without ever being used!

The problem is that finding such sources is difficult, especially when you need specific size boxes.  Similarly, it is nearly impossible for sellers to find buyers for their boxes.  Although people are always looking to buy and sell finding a match of size and quantity at a specific point in time is difficult and most don’t bother.

Our Boxes Wantedsection was designed to help sellers find buyers.  But we also have sellers regularly list their unneeded shipping boxes.  If you are in the mailing business checking BoxCycle before buying boxes just might save you some money without a lot of work.  You can make it even easier on yourself by getting an automated notification when sellers list specific boxes.

Plus you’ll be doing a big favor for the environment.

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