Custom Notes and Pictures

BoxCycle supports a number of properties that sellers can use to describe their boxes, but sometimes there is important information that doesn’t quite fit. This happens most often with listings targeted at professional, commercial buyers. Some examples are bulk transport boxes and pallets, large volume of same-size boxes, and boxes that don’t quite fit into our box types.

To help sellers better describe boxes like this, we now allow them to add a custom photo and/or a short note for some of their boxes. This functionality is currently only available by editing boxes through the Inventory Tab and is restricted to a subset of possible box listings.

Compatible listings will have a File Upload field below the generic box picture/description and/or a Notes field in the Condition and Other Details section. If you don’t see these fields and feel that a picture and/or a note is essential to properly describe your box, please contact us and we’ll add this information for you.

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