Cash on Pickup Payment Option Enters Beta Testing


We frequently get requests to settle transactions in cash at meeting. Some buyers don’t have credit cards, some feel uncomfortable submitting payment details when they haven’t seen the goods, some are just used to paying at physical meeting.

Collecting payment at order time is a crucial component to one of they key problems we are trying to solve: getting people to show up and complete transactions as promised. We want to minimize seller time involvement which means less questions, and above all, less no-shows and adjustments. By collecting payment information we can filter less serious buyers and can enforce policies buyers agree to when ordering, which include fees for cancellations or significant lateness.

But the added friction also results in less orders. Cash on Pickup allows sellers to make the opposite trade-off if they choose.

How to Sign Up

We are beta-testing this feature. It is currently available only for sellers who expressed interest in offering Cash on Pickup in their seller survey. To turn it on:

  • Go to your Account Profile tab
  • Click on Show All in the Preferences section
  • Check the Accept Cash on Pickup checkbox and Update Your Account

How It Works

After enabling Cash on Pickup:

  • Your listing will indicate that you accept cash payments
  • The buyer will have an option to select Cash on Pickup and not provide payment information. Buyer order process is otherwise largely the same.
  • When you confirm a Cash on Pickup order you will need to pay BoxCycle fees by credit card, PayPal, or from your account balance and then collect full payment from the buyer at pickup. The order process is otherwise largely the same.

Things to Keep In Mind

  • Sellers must have a credit card or PayPal account to confirm Cash on Pickup orders. Payment will be authorized at confirmation and charged after successful appointment.
  • Sellers must confirm Cash on Pickup orders through their BoxCycle account (no email, phone, etc.)
  • Sellers should expect a higher level of cancellations, adjustment requests, no-shows, lateness, etc. Sellers should know how to use Anonymous Connect to reach buyers near appointment time.
  • BoxCycle will not pay fees to sellers for cancellation, lateness, etc. and will have limited ability to resolve issues. Sellers should still report order issues to get their order fees back and help us track unreliable or abusive buyers.
  • Cash on Pickup is in addition to, not a replacement for, existing payment options.
  • Buyers must still prepay for Delivery orders.
  • Buyers are expected to pay the price agreed to during ordering in cash. Sellers are not obligated to accept checks, credit cards, etc., or to offer additional discounts, at meeting.
  • Buyers still need to order online. This takes care of scheduling, requires agreement to conditions, and allows for some abuse tracking.
  • Sellers are still expected to report order adjustments that occur at appointment time.

We look forward to your feedback.

5 Responses to “Cash on Pickup Payment Option Enters Beta Testing”

  1. ronnie gill says:


  2. sam C. says:

    Why cash on delivery (collected) feature not existed in payment option? Only Paypal & Check are now. Please enhance it ASAP.

    • BoxCycle says:

      Cash on Pickup is in Beta. If you would like to be considered for participation, email seller support with your account information. Make sure that you understand the caveats detailed in the post – this feature complements, but does not replace, check/PayPal payout options.

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