Delivery Appointment Windows and Improved Anonymous Connect

Our Box Delivery feature has been improved to support delivery appointment windows.  Appointment windows allow confirming a delivery for a range of time, like 2-4pm, instead of a specific time.  This removes a significant limitation for professional sellers with complex delivery routes and gives all sellers more flexibility.

Delivery Appointment Windows

Each seller can set their preferred delivery window to between 0 and 3 hours. The default is 0 for exact appointments (within 15 minutes of selected time). This option can be set in Profile->Delivery.

Keep in mind that delivery window requirements may affect orders by discouraging buyers and/or reducing their scheduling flexibility. You should weigh benefits to yourself against these costs and select the smallest window you need to offer timely delivery service. Exact appointments, if you are able to accommodate them, can be a competitive advantage.

All delivery orders will offer you at least two appointment windows within your hours with at least one of them being 24+ hours in the future. You’ll have an option of shrinking, but not increasing, the final delivery window when you confirm the order if you happen to have more certainty on that transaction. For example, if you require a 2 hour delivery window you’ll be able to confirm an appointment for any window between 0 and 2 hours.

Improved Anonymous Connect

Anonymous Connect will function through the entire appointment range.

To help keep buyers and sellers connected in more complicated appointment scenarios we’ve also enhanced the service to automatically extend the period during which contact is allowed when there was recent communication. As long as there was communication in the past 30 minutes, buyers and sellers are now be able to reach each other through the service regardless of the original appointment time.

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