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Sell Used Boxes Without Predictable Inventory

Sellers who receive boxes sporadically are quite common.  Ideally, we want them to store their boxes and either update their inventory manually or approximate it with an automated schedule.  But what typically happens is that boxes are stored for a short period of time and thrown out and the inventory is never updated. It’s hard to expect sellers to store boxes and remember to update inventory if... read more

BoxCycle Makes Selling Used Boxes Easy

Most potential box sellers simply throw their boxes away (or at best recycle them) instead of letting them be reused.  Their reasons tend to be similar: lack of knowledge of other options, belief that reuse will be too time consuming, disruptive, or expensive, and lack of interest in dealing with retail consumers. Until BoxCycle these concerns would often be correct.  Although people tend to group us with... read more

Audio Interview with Founder

Josh Chandler recently interviewed me about BoxCycle.  You can listen to the interview at... read more

Hey, We Are a Verb!

BoxCycle was recently featured in Startup Reviews on Mashable.  I think it’s safe to assume that Adam was the first to use the term “Boxcycling” to describe buying and selling used boxes.  Google here we come! Yeah, yeah…one review doesn’t put us into the Webster’s Dictionary, but hey, tis the season to be jolly. Happy... read more

Do I Have to Clean Used Boxes Before Selling?

I never expected this question.  Yet, during a recent marketing test in LA enough potential sellers have asked that it has been added to our Seller FAQ.  And several asked in a way that assumed that the answer is ‘yes’.  That before selling their used boxes they would need to carefully peel off tape and labels and do other preparations. It is always encouraging to be reminded of... read more