BoxCycle Makes Selling Used Boxes Easy

Most potential box sellers simply throw their boxes away (or at best recycle them) instead of letting them be reused.  Their reasons tend to be similar: lack of knowledge of other options, belief that reuse will be too time consuming, disruptive, or expensive, and lack of interest in dealing with retail consumers.

Until BoxCycle these concerns would often be correct.  Although people tend to group us with other marketplaces, BoxCycle was designed specifically to eliminate barriers to selling boxes.  We built the system based on real issues and challenges to make reuse easy, non-disruptive, and profitable.

BoxCycle works for many potential sellers, but getting them to understand our unique benefits and requirements is a constant challenge.  To help this cause, we’ve cleaned up the Learn About Selling Boxes  and Sell Used Boxes  pages and added additional sections to detail our unique features and highlight our target sellers.

Let us know if you think there are seller concerns we have not addressed or if you find these new sections confusing.

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