Box Kit Support Is Here!

Kits are way to sell multiple items as one item.  For example, many companies sell moving boxes in kits with each kit designed for a specific size move.  This makes it easier for buyers who aren’t sure how many boxes they need; if they are moving one bedroom, they just pick the 1 Bedroom Moving Kit.  It works well for companies too since they can prepackage the kits to optimize storage, pickups, and deliveries.

Kits solve other common problems too.  Many companies looking to get rid of boxes have them stacked on pallets or otherwise prepackaged.  They need to require that boxes are purchased in multiples of a certain quantity.  Minimum Order doesn’t cut it since it still allows someone to purchase 1.5 pallets.  Sellers may also need to relay the type of packaging since it affects equipment needed for pickup (e.g. boxes on pallets).  Box Kits allow sellers to do both.

Or discounting. A seller might be willing to offer a discount when certain quantities and/or combinations of items are purchased, but they don’t want to discount items bought individually.  With kits, setting discounts like this is easy.

You add kits to your BoxCycle Seller Inventory just like any other box type. We currently have 3 Kit types:

  • Moving Kit – A combination of boxes specifically designed for moving
  • Box Pack – A set of boxes (e.g. 20 Large + 10 Medium)
  • Box Pallet – A set of boxes stacked on a pallet (e.g. 500 12x12x10)

Once you add a kit type listing, Edit it to specify the contents, which can be any items in your inventory (even other kits!)  You can leave individual items available for sale independently or restrict them to only be sold as part of a kit. Kits will be priced automatically based on contents.  You can set your own price if you like.

Kits were a much needed feature, here they are!

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