Cash on Pickup Expanded Beta

We are expanding our beta of Cash on Pickup feature from a small group of sellers to all sellers that have at least one successful transaction and decide to accept Cash on Pickup.

Cash on Pickup allows buyers to pay for their order at their pickup appointment. Sellers should review the tradeoffs and caveats in our original Cash on Pickup post to decide if this feature is for them.

Sellers must have PayPal, a credit card, or a sufficient balance in their account to be able to confirm a Cash on Pickup order. The recently introduced Keep Min Payout Balance feature can be very helpful in minimizing the inconvenience.

To begin accepting Cash on Pickup:

  • Go to your Account Profile tab
  • Click on Show All in the Preferences section
  • Check the Accept Cash on Pickup checkbox and Update Your Account

For additional information about this feature please see our previous post.

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