Express List Makes It Easy for Resellers to Sell on BoxCycle

BoxCycle makes it easy for businesses to get rid of their unneeded cardboard in a profitable and environmentally friendly way.  It’s designed for busy people who know nothing about the used box business.

But it’s also a perfect sales channel for those heavily involved in the box business: resellers of used and overstock boxes, box manufacturers, discount sellers of moving boxes, and more.  BoxCycle can bring these businesses new customers without sacrificing margins or competing with their own offerings.

These businesses already have their boxes listed for sale on their website, paper catalog, another service, etc.  Copying the same information into BoxCycle is a hassle, especially for sellers with dozens of different box sizes.

Express List eliminates the work. Just point us to your website or  listing and we’ll add you to BoxCycle based on that information.  We’ll preserve your pricing, pickup hours, delivery rules, and policies as much as possible.  We can create your listing from an inventory file or paper catalog as well.

Getting additional exposure from BoxCycle is now as simple as a one-line email.

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