Sellers Can Add Boxes by Dimensions

Sellers can now list boxes by specifying exact dimensions.  Boxes can still be listed using our box types.

We created box types to make it easy for sellers to classify a wide variety of boxes without having to do much sorting or measuring. Box types also help buyers purchase boxes that match their needs even if exact sizes are not available.

However, it can take new sellers time to find correct box types. This effort shouldn’t be required if they already have exact dimensions for their boxes – something that is more common than I thought it would be. Plus sellers with exact dimensions have to go through an extra step to add dimensions to their listing if they want to receive higher pricing and additional buyer interest that boxes with exact dimensions can generate.

No more. If sellers have exact dimensions BoxCycle will use them to automatically determine the correct box type. BoxCycle will also assign appropriate price premiums for listing boxes with exact dimensions transparently to the seller.

To see how it works check out the Sell Used Boxes page.

This feature should prove a useful and popular addition for existing and potential sellers. It was a pleasure to receive requests for this exact feature a few days before we were set to release it.

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