Order Management is Here!

Online order management I talked about in the last post is now live.  It’s going to enable a lot of very cool functionality in the future, but first things first.  Here is what it means today.

Buyers can:

  • Access up to date order status, status history, and order details online at any time
  • View seller address and get directions for confirmed orders
  • Mark orders complete after pickup or report issues with pickup
  • Transfer cancelled orders to other sellers without re-entering their details
  • Get order confirmations faster

Sellers can:

  • View order details including buyer prices and their profit online at any time
  • Confirm orders with a few clicks without our involvement
  • Request order adjustments and cancellations online
  • Mark orders complete and report issues with pickups
  • Access their order history (orders prior to 8/13/09 are slowly getting imported into the system)
  • See their outstanding balance and payment history
  • Request manual payouts at any time

This release lets us streamline the order process, improve efficiency, and enable functionality you’ll be seeing over the next few months.  It’s the last big chunk of ‘basic’ functionality and I am ecstatic to have it finished.

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