Improved Order Completion

BoxCycle acts like an escrow service by collecting money from the buyer to establish and enforce their commitment to the order and only paying the seller after they successfully honor the buyer’s order.

After the appointment time passes the buyer must have a chance to report issues for a reasonable period of time. At the same time, sellers often want to get paid as soon as possible. Both parties may want to have a chance to report order status shortly after appointment, but may also not want to be bothered much or at all.

We finally have the order completion step implemented in a way that feels right:

  • Both buyers and sellers can report appointment status shortly after appointment time
  • If buyer reports success, the order is considered successful
  • If seller reports success, it does not become binding until about 6 hours have passed since appointment time. The buyer can override completion by reporting issues any time before then; if nothing is reported then the order gets completed automatically. In addition, the buyer will receive an immediate notification when seller marks the order complete telling them how long they have to report issues.
  • If neither party reports order status the buyer will receive a reminder within about a day.
  • If neither party reports order status after about 2 days, BoxCycle will complete it automatically.

This setup seems to do the right things automatically, while giving both parties the ability to take action immediately without giving the seller power to get paid by incorrectly reporting success.

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