It’s Easy for Buyers to Become Sellers

People who have a good experience buying moving boxes on BoxCycle often ask if they can sell the boxes when they are done with them.   Well, yes, of course…let’s keep the cycle going!  And we just made it easier than ever.

We now automatically fill in inventory and contact information using what we already have from the buyer’s order.  After moving, people will likely be selling boxes they bought from us and most of their contact info probably hasn’t changed so we may as well make listing easier.  Of course, additional inventory can be added (for boxes gotten elsewhere) or removed (for boxes that are no longer usable) and contact details can be changed during listing.

This functionality is accessible in two places:

1) Link on the buyer order status page after the order is completed successfully.

2) Link in an email we’ll send about a week later.

As always, we try hard to not bother users with unnecessary communication.  Emails are only sent if the buyer purchased mostly moving boxes (they probably want to use their shipping boxes) and haven’t already created a seller account.  Link on order status page is also only visible for moving box orders.

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