Advanced List Makes Listing Boxes Easier for Professional Sellers

Our Standard Listing process was designed to help people unfamiliar with the box business to quickly and correctly post their inventory. Additional options, like box details and custom pricing become editable after the listing is created. However, there is a large number of professionals in the box business – manufacturers, resellers, recyclers, etc. – who know exactly what they are listing and how much they want to get for it, and for whom editing boxes one-by-one after listing is time consuming and annoying. Listing by Dimensions and Express List are two features we added previously to help these professional sellers get on BoxCycle more efficiently.

The recently added Advanced List feature allows experienced sellers to specify box options when they first create their listing. For example, 500 18x16x16, Double-Wall, Plain, Kraft boxes in Inspected Condition with a Profit requirement of $1.00/box. It works similarly to quote forms that should be familiar to volume box sellers. Advanced List doesn’t add any new options; it just makes advanced options available earlier in the listing process and removes the editing step.

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