Sell Your Used Packing Supplies

BoxCycle sellers can now list their used (or new) packing supplies as well as their boxes. Buyers frequently want to pickup packing supplies with their purchase and many sellers are happy to get rid of their packing material from moving or shipping.

You can find a new category called Packing Supplies in the list of box types. At this time we support the following types of supplies:

  • Packing Paper (Sheets and Rolls)
  • Cushion Foam (Sheets and Rolls)
  • Bubble Wrap (Rolls of 3 bubble sizes)
  • Packing Peanuts (Biodegradable and Regular)

Supplies must be listed in specific units. For example, Sheets are listed in pounds (lb), Rolls in feet (ft), Peanuts in cubic feet (cu ft), etc. So you can’t say ‘I have 3 bags packing paper for sale’ (what size are the bags? how tightly are they packed? etc.) You need to weigh the paper and list by weight.

By default Quantity indicates how many units you have. For example, listing 200 units of Packing Paper – Sheets means you have 200lb and buyers can purchase any number of pounds. Alternately, you can easily offer supplies as packs by editing the supply listing. For example, you could edit the above 200 unit listing to mean 20 units of 10lb each. You still have 200lb listed, but buyers now have to purchase in increments of 10lb.

New supplies are often sold in packs and it’s often easier to sell used supplies in predetermined standard quantities. Packs also help with lowering commission costs since our per unit commission caps are based on Quantity. Assuming list price of $0.50/lb in the example above, the seller would pay $50 in commissions when all 200lb sold. If the same 200lb were purchased as 20 packs of 10lb they would pay $23, and if the purchase was for 1 pack of 200lb, the commission would be $6. We expect that supplies will be sold in packs much of the time, though some sellers will prefer to offer maximum flexibility to buyers.

We are happy to get this frequently requested feature out the door and look forward to improving it and adding support for other supplies in future releases.

2 Responses to “Sell Your Used Packing Supplies”

  1. Robert says:

    Have use for these???

    Trailer Airbags for transport

    Airbags over 18,000 (close to 19,000) …all Are tested and Guaranteed to inflate

    Price: $1.89 ea. only !!!! Used only once. Price new is $5 ea.

    Can send photos…………..

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