Taxes, Cancellations, and FAQs

We’ve cleaned up, expanded, clarified, and organized our Frequently Asked Questions for buyers and sellers to better address common questions we receive. Hopefully these changes make FAQs easier and more useful.

In the process we’ve started to codify how we deal with buyer order cancellations and added a new section to help sellers with taxes.


Our cancellation policy hasn’t changed, we are simply trying to add structure to some of the decisions that were already being made. Our hope is to ultimately add enough structure to allow us to properly handle most of the cancellations through the website, both automatically and by buyer request. Currently most cancellations are handled manually.

We require buyers to commit to their purchase, but do not want to punish them for sellers who are slow to respond. We also do not want to disadvantage buyers who pick appointments further in the future. With variable seller hours and lead times, a straight time cut-off to respond isn’t reasonable. This update is the first step in codifying how long a buyer needs to wait before they can cancel with no penalties.


Tax rules haven’t changed either (since we don’t control them.) The new tax section and Sales Report hopefully provide sellers with enough information to help them get started.

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