Better Search for Commercial Box Buyers and Sellers

Today’s release improves the Require search feature in two ways designed to help our larger, commercial customers:

  • Commercial/Bulk Multi-Type Option
  • Expanded Maximum Search Radius

Commercial/Bulk Option

This new Restrict option shows listings likely to be of interest to commercial customers. This currently includes listings that have:

  • Any items with Quantity of 400 or more (100 for Wanted Listings)
  • Any items in Bulk Cargo Boxes & Crates, Pallets, or File Boxes categories
  • Any Box Packs or Box Pallets
  • Any Regular Boxes with length of 33″ or more

The exact criteria may evolve over time; the goal is to enable searching for commercial items in one step.

Expanded Maximum Search Radius

It’s not unusual for commercial customers to be willing to travel far to buy/sell boxes. This is due to higher volumes, costlier boxes, multiple locations, and developed delivery infrastructure.

To aid in finding boxes over larger areas, we’ve increased the maximum search radius from 100 miles to 1000 miles when searching is Restricted to one of the commercial box types described above.

The Within choices will update automatically when you select one of the commercial Restrict options.

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