Custom Notes and Pictures

BoxCycle supports a number of properties that sellers can use to describe their boxes, but sometimes there is important information that doesn’t quite fit. This happens most often with listings targeted at professional, commercial buyers. Some examples are bulk transport boxes and pallets, large volume of same-size boxes, and boxes that don’t quite fit into our box types. To help sellers... read more

BoxCycle Upgrades to Rails 3.2.3 and Ruby 1.9.3

With the high priority features and process improvements complete and stable, we took the opportunity to bring our technology stack up to date. Rails 2 to 3 upgrade is a significant undertaking. Ruby 1.8 to 1.9 upgrade is less strenuous, but still creates a number of code changes and pitfalls. To ease this transition, we delayed the upgrade until BoxCycle was at a stable point and the community and... read more

Seller Performance Ratings

BoxCycle now includes key seller performance metrics in listings shown to buyers. This helps buyers determine (1) how quickly the seller is likely to reply and (2) how reliable the seller is likely to be – key concerns in many situations. The reduced uncertainty for buyers should reward high performing sellers with more orders. Each listing now includes some, or all, of the following details: Total... read more

Cash on Pickup Payment Option Enters Beta Testing

Background We frequently get requests to settle transactions in cash at meeting. Some buyers don’t have credit cards, some feel uncomfortable submitting payment details when they haven’t seen the goods, some are just used to paying at physical meeting. Collecting payment at order time is a crucial component to one of they key problems we are trying to solve: getting people to show up and... read more

Show Only Box Sellers With Specific Boxes

We’ve added a new Require feature to Buy Boxes and Wanted sections search that allows users to show only listings that include boxes of a specific type. For example, if you are looking for moving boxes, but are only interested in buying if you can get Wardrobes at the same time you can now select a Wardrobe box type from the Require drop-down and search. Only sellers who have Wardrobes as one of the... read more