Keep a Balance and Minimize Payout Fees

BoxCycle sellers receive automatic payouts after their account balance exceeds a threshold (currently $25). Sellers can request smaller payouts at any time with a small fee. Today’s release adds a Keep Minimum Payout Balance option. If you select it, automated payouts will leave a balance of $25 in your account instead of paying the entire amount. This means that an automated payment will not occur... read more

Delivery Appointment Windows and Improved Anonymous Connect

Our Box Delivery feature has been improved to support delivery appointment windows.  Appointment windows allow confirming a delivery for a range of time, like 2-4pm, instead of a specific time.  This removes a significant limitation for professional sellers with complex delivery routes and gives all sellers more flexibility. Delivery Appointment Windows Each seller can set their preferred delivery window... read more

Reduced Prices on Smaller Moving Boxes

To better match the current market and encourage sales BoxCycle has reduced default prices on a few box types as follows: Extra Small Moving Box – From $0.75 to $0.50 Small Moving Box – From $1.00 to $0.75 Box 14-17″ – From $0.60 to $0.50 Box 18-23″ – From $0.90 to $0.75 This change does not force sellers to reduce their profit.  This change reduces our commission on... read more

Better Search for Commercial Box Buyers and Sellers

Today’s release improves the Require search feature in two ways designed to help our larger, commercial customers: Commercial/Bulk Multi-Type Option Expanded Maximum Search Radius Commercial/Bulk Option This new Restrict option shows listings likely to be of interest to commercial customers. This currently includes listings that have: Any items with Quantity of 400 or more (100 for Wanted Listings)... read more

Distance Ranges for Wanted Listings

Wanted Listings serve a dual function of making public the interest in specific boxes and of alerting potential buyers of new matching seller listings within their area. Potential buyers can now choose from several options between 5 miles and 2000 miles for how far they are willing to travel to get their wanted boxes. Until now, we simply used 25 miles. While this is a reasonable default for most... read more