Pickup Service Expands Box Delivery Options

A while ago we added the ability for sellers to deliver orders to buyers.  Delivery helps buyers who don’t have a vehicle, are too busy to pickup, or are located further from a seller than they are willing to drive. In the Bay Area and in Boston, we’ve now added a Pickup Service option which allows buyers to get delivery from most sellers in the area, even those who don’t explicitly... read more

Improved Order Completion

BoxCycle acts like an escrow service by collecting money from the buyer to establish and enforce their commitment to the order and only paying the seller after they successfully honor the buyer’s order. After the appointment time passes the buyer must have a chance to report issues for a reasonable period of time. At the same time, sellers often want to get paid as soon as possible. Both parties may... read more

It’s Easy for Buyers to Become Sellers

People who have a good experience buying moving boxes on BoxCycle often ask if they can sell the boxes when they are done with them.   Well, yes, of course…let’s keep the cycle going!  And we just made it easier than ever. We now automatically fill in inventory and contact information using what we already have from the buyer’s order.  After moving, people will likely be selling boxes... read more

Reduce Your Computer Energy Use Automatically

A new software program claims to reduce the energy your computer uses automatically.  It is aptly named Granola.  The program is free and doesn’t interfere with your computer use. My understanding is that the software works primarily by taking advantage of the ability of modern computers to vary the speed of the CPU in real-time.  Most of the time there is no benefit in your CPU running at maximum... read more

Automatic Phone Calls to Sellers

Continuing with a trend of new features enabled by Twilio, we’ve added automatic order confirmation calls.  BoxCycle doesn’t allow buyers to pickup boxes right after placing an order; the seller needs to confirm box availability and select the final appointment time before the buyer is provided with the pickup location (see How It Works).  So effective communication with sellers is crucial. We... read more